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Think about the future and, in particular, the role played by your network cabling in supporting your IT systems. Category 5e has now been the cabling of choice since the mid to late 90's and consequently underpins the vast majority of the world's wired networks. However, development in 10Gbs, 40 Gbs and even 100Gbs technologies is rapidly moving forward, which means our favourite old friend - Category 5e, is after all this time, unlikely to be the system of choice for very much longer.


The local area network no longer simply transmits data but is the foundation for modern business processes and building facility management. Bandwidth is King and coping with the ever increasing complexities, quantity of devices, Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports and the huge demand for wireless - poses ever greater challenges. Today's cabling must be robust and flexible, so it can adapt to new requirements and support consecutive generations of active equipment.

Happily there are choices, but one thing we've learned here at EXS, there is no longer a 'one size fits all' solution. EXS are 'Approved Installers' for a number of world leading cabling vendors' systems. This means that we're able to help you make appropriate and smart choices with your IT infrastructure, in line with present and future performance requirements. What's more, you can feel safe in the knowledge it will be supported with a sincere manufacturer-backed warranty.

Contact us today for a professionally installed, competitive Category 5e, 6 or 6a systems, with surprisingly short lead-times.


In a world where evolving technologies can quickly challenge network performance, choosing the right fibre infrastructure is essential.

Conventional wisdom has maintained for years that existing standard multimode fibres would provide virtually unlimited bandwidth in network backbones, to handle higher data speeds. However, tests have shown that beyond certain critical distances, traditional multimode fibres simply cannot deliver the bandwidth required.

EXS can offer your organisation low risk, affordable, working solutions for Gigabit and 10Gig Ethernet infrastructures. We offer all multi-mode and single-mode installations, complete with termination, fusion splicing and OTDR testing.

EXS IT services are approved installers for market leading Nexans, Draka and Connectix Cabling Systems.

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