IP Camera Surveillance


Here, at EXS, our IP CCTV systems utilise the latest tech and our skilled engineers provide unrivalled installation and configuration services. IP CCTV has become invaluable in the quest to deter and detect crime, such as anti-social behaviour, theft or criminal damage. It can also be used to serve as a deterrent with careful visible placement.


The benefits of IP CCTV are numerous, not least:

High definition recording and the ability to highlight or flag events based upon specific parametres (including motion detection which negates the need to trawl through hours of footage). IP cameras simply become another network device, connecting to your existing network cabling. Recordings and images are captured by the use of an NVR (network video recorder), connected anywhere on your network. Any recorded events can be notified to the user instantly via text or email. Additionally, IP based surveillance systems now allow for remote access using a simple app on your mobile phone, giving the ability to view wherever you happen to be.

Of course, the benefits listed above are not exhaustive; we are more than happy to provide you with a free, no obligation site survey to facilitate a bespoke solution for your specific needs.

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