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  • How the Top Eight Wireless Solutions Stack Up

    Aruba leads the pack...Forrester's research into the top 8 performing wireless solution uncovered a market in which Aruba is the leader; Huawei and Juniper networks are strong performers; Cisco Aironet, Cambium Networks and Extreme Networks are very worthy contenders; and Cicso Meraki and Aerohive are challengers...

  • cnPilot Cloud-Managed WiFi Solutions

    Network operators and Managed Service Providers are looking for coverage and capacity that consistently satisfies users in a system solution with affordable access point hardware and optional recurring license fees. With cnPilot solutions, network operators have more options in equipment, choice in architecture and more control over recurring costs. Cambium Networks has a comprehensive solution for the edge/access layer of your deployment.

  • Fibre Optic Transmission Distances

    Conventional wisdom has maintained for years that existing standard multimode fibres would provide virtually unlimited bandwidth in network backbones, to handle higher data speeds. However, tests have shown that beyond certain critical distances, traditional fibres cannot deliver the bandwidth required. This form gives the current transmit distances capable for the various fibre grades offered on the market today...

  • Fibre to the Office (FTTO)

    The number of applications running on networks and therefore requiring IP convergence, keeps increasing each year. FTTO provides an ideal basis for the growing needs of today's buildings. Please read on for additional information.

  • Cat 7 and 7a Overview

    Please see the attached document which details the pros and cons of emerging Cat 7 and Cat 7a data cabling. Cat 7 and Cat 7a provide an alternative to using fibre optic cabling and is designed to support much higher frequency signals than Cat5e and Cat 6. As technology advances and requirements increase Cat 7 will become more relevant in data centre and desktop connections. Click on the link to learn more.

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