At EXS we are justly proud of our achievements and continue to have extensive involvement in a diverse range of networking projects, installing many types of systems for the public sector, schools, colleges, universites and commercial establishments. To follow is just a short selection of the testimonials we have received...


"We've used EXS a number of times over the past 15 years and they have always been extremely professional and very competitive. Our last project required EXS to plan and work around a changing schedule, a live system, and users who are extremely sensitive to disruption.


They out performed our expectation; their communication was excellent, their work high quality and their sensitivity to those around them kept the goodwill and support of those they had to disturb. A real bonus to us was their ability to work as part of a team - we could treat them as if they were part of the IT Department. I really can't rate them highly enough - and to add grist to their mill they came in under budget."


"The best company I have dealt with in 20 years. Competitive pricing, very responsive service and most importantly - they stand by their work so if there are any minor issues, they get fixed almost instantly and definitely never ignored. Having said that, snagging issues are very rare as the installation team are careful as opposed to rushed, neat - not slapdash, thoughtful not hurried. EXS provide tens of thousands of pounds worth of equipment and services to us each year, and every pound is well-spent. Wholeheartedly recommend."


"I use EXS for data  cabling and multimedia installations on a regular basis. I have always had exceptional service and a high standard of works. The installers are fantastic and take pride in their work often going above and beyond our expectations.


In a recent project EXS installed the multimedia in our new Science Building and met a tight deadline so that all of our Labs were ready for the first day of use. The quality of the installation for projector and speakers would satisfy any perfectionist.


If you want a job doing properly I would recommend EXS to anybody."


IT Systems Manager, 11th March 2016



"In the summer of 2014, Grantham College was looking for a contractor to install network points in their newly built Learning Development Centre (LDC) housing special needs students.


Approximately 60 new network points were required and a further 20 existing network points needed to be re-routed to new locations. These network points had to be terminated in an existing network cabinet and the cabinet re-engineered as space was at a premium. EXS IT Services quoted for the work and as well as being competitively priced, they also completed the work on schedule with little or no fuss. The quality of work was excellent and is one of the main reasons why we continue to choose EXS IT Services for all our network infrastructure projects - both large and small."



"We enjoy dealing with EXS as a supplier because of their prompt and efficient service. They are always willing to help with any problems, always going the extra mile where necessary."



"We have been using the data cabling services of EXS since 2008. Since that time we have always been impressed by their ability to take on our requirements at short notice and deliver a quality, hassle-free installation within the timescales required. A very polished company who just get the job done."


"Thank you and your team very much for the recent work you undertook for us, in helping us to get our wind turbine up and running. Your service and flexibility at short notice when plans had to change due to high winds and the crane not being able to operate were greatly appreciated. You demonstrated how doing business with a good local company is best. The wind turbine is a big investment for our family business, but we hope it will stabilise the cost of our electricity and offer our customers a lower carbon footprint; giving us a sustainable future. I would also like to thank you for the tidy up job you did with the office IT system; it works a lot better and we now have less wires around the place as a hazard! We look forward to doing more business with you in the future. David."



"The guys did a tremendous job, thank you very much! We really appreciate the excellent communication and thoroughness of their work. Be sure - you are on my speed dial for any other issues that arise in the future! Those guys really did do you and the company proud."



"EXS were one of the suppliers I inherited from my predecessor, all the others have since fallen by the way side, but EXS have not. This is testimony to their high level of customer service and professional approach. Partnership is a word batted around, but in the case of EXS it really is a partnership. Its almost like having another engineer there to lend advice and someone to call in times of panic.


EXS are truly one of the few companies I would not consider changing and would happily recommend to anyone. Nothing is too much trouble for the cabling engineers, some of our buildings are quite 'unique' in design but nothing appears to hamper them, they simply work out solutions to problems. I continue to be impressed by EXS and I think you would be too..."


"EXS have worked with us for a number of years. Their ability to understand our requirements and to explain their technical solutions is always appreciated. They execute their work to a high standard and they work with us at all times enabling services to be maintained without disruption. We consider EXS to be a valued member of our technical and onsite team."



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