The Internet of Things: Is Your Network Future-Proof?

June 17, 2016

The demarcation between ourselves and technology gets fuzzier by the day. And the era of Smart technology is only just beginning. Essentially, the Internet of Things (let's call is the 'IoT' for brevity) is the trend of embedding tangible objects with the technology to facilitate the exchange of data with Wi-Fi. By the year 2020 there will be 50 billion devices connecting us up with Wi-Fi. 


Perry Correll of Xirrus sums up our increasing convergence with technology perfectly:


"I wake up to the sound of my smartphone, which has assessed the correct time to start my day by monitoring my circadian rhythm. I then jump in the shower, which already knows the water temperature I like... Once out of the shower, I put on my smartphone which instantly starts to count each beat my heart makes. I walk downstairs to my kitchen feeling perfectly warm because my smart thermostat has memorised the room temperature I feel most comfortable with. Finally, I pick up a freshly brewed coffee from my smart coffee machine, which knows exactly when to turn on based on when I wake up...."


Whether it excites or terrifies you, the fact is that we are becoming ever more dependent upon technology; how many times have you found yourself driving along following the clipped orders of Jane and discovered you know not where you are?! We have 'wearables' (think smartwatches), 'nearables' (low powered smart objects that trigger action in nearby devices), 'hearables' (think voice, music, video), 'rideables' (terminology obviously fixed to innovative forms of transportation) and, wait for it... 'embeddables' - predicted to be the next step after wearables and blurring the line between mankind and machine even further; a friend of mine is able to decipher her blood sugar levels at any given time with implant and smart reader - what was once a futuristic vision is now the reality.


This trend will only ever flow one way which means that your network needs to be prepared; WLAN infrastructure is a crucial business, a user's sub-par experience shines a critical beacon on the Wi-Fi itself, more importantly, your business. It's time to prepare....


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