Covid 19 - Measures We Have Adopted

Here at EXS IT Services, the health and welfare of our staff and customers is an absolute priority. We are still very much ‘in business’ but have adopted government guidance on managing the risk posed by Covid-19; so our work continues but with some adaptions.

We assure you that we have very much complied with the government’s guidance on managing the risk of Covid-19. As well as fully embracing the government’s five steps to ‘Safer Working Together’ and adhering to the Site Operation Procedures for Construction, as endorsed by the Construction Leadership Council, we have also implemented our own additional control measures to protect you, our customer and our staff. All of our engineers are well-versed in current protocol.

For any jobs we undertake we are currently allowing a maximum of two engineers on site, wherever possible and practicable we will send out one engineer only. Our engineers now travel solo, before Covid-19 we would encourage our staff to utilise as few vans as possible (both for environmental and cost reasons). Furthermore, whilst on site our engineers will endeavour to make their presence as obvious as possible, displaying warning signs and taping off areas at the entrance of site operations.

We have liaised with our suppliers to ensure that there is no shortage of components/materials; at the moment that supply chain appears unfettered.

We encourage office based staff to work from home and for engineers presence in the office to be absolutely minimal; again this arrangement has and is working well.

Whilst we have experienced a predictable down-turn in business, work is still filtering through to us and any of our furloughed staff have now returned to work.

EXS continues to monitor the situation and implement measures endorsed by the government; we are in an excellent position to respond to any change in Government advice.


Take good care


Tony Waterhouse, Director EXS IT Services Ltd

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